DIY Natural Stone Knobs

“A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories, remedy ” says master stone artist and environmentalist” ~ Andy Goldsworthy.

If you are like me, you pick up stones and rocks to remember places, to connect with nature and because you like the “feel” of stones. From almost every view inside and outside of my home, you can spy a cluster of stones or just a lone beauty here and there.

Stones have been used for many years in spiritual healings and for meditative purposes. Since stones come from the Earth, many believe their properties possess an abundance of powers from promoting good health to acquiring prosperity.

Do you collect stones? It is easy to make your own stone knobs for drawers or cabinets using the materials and technique below. The natural color and texture of the stones, along with the size of your drawer or cabinet door, will determine your unique one-of-a-kind knob.

DIY Natural Stone Knobs


Rocks – beach, river
Drawer pull(s) – a small metal cylinder with a flat top surface – one that will withstand repeated stress pulling.
Glue – we used Gorilla glue
Coarse Sand Paper

What to do:

1. Collect rocks – select size and shape according to drawer or cabinet size.
2. Wash and dry thoroughly.
3. If the draw pull is smooth, sand the end of the drawer pull where it will be glued to the rock to rough it up.
4. Sand the rock on the side that the drawer pull will attach to.
5. Glue the stone to the drawer pull.
6. Let dry and screw into drawer.

This article originally posted on Care2.