DIY Gardener’s Bucket

Author Germaine Greer once said, “A garden is the best alternative therapy.” The National Gardening Association claims that an average 600 square-foot garden will yield 300 pounds of veggies. I guess that’s why they call it produce!

We organic gardeners are passionate about our little patches of earth, and many of us haul around some basic tools for gardening. Shovels, pruning sheers, trowels, spades, gloves, twine, plant labels and markers are just some of the implements that tag along with us into the garden. Keep gardening tools organized and carry those precious veges with this handy, easy-to-make, repurposed gardener’s bucket.

DIY Gardener’s Bucket

What you need:

  • Heavy duty cotton canvas tool apron with divided pockets
  • Cloth to line the bucket
  • Clean bucket

What to do:

  1. Tie belt around a bucket.
  2. Line the bucket with cloth (I used 2 old cloth placemats).
  3. Fill with tools.
  4. Head out to the garden.