No Sew Curtains and DIY Window Treatment Ideas

Let’s talk curtains. Do you have them? I don’t, professional pills unless you count a shower curtain. I do have a few bamboo shades, but mostly, I don’t use window coverings because I live in the woods. A reader recently asked me if I have a simple DIY pattern for curtains. As a green home design enthusiast, I realized that curtains haven’t interested me that much.

So, I asked a master seamstress and fellow design lover – my mom, about curtains. As you may know, I have lots of DIY chops, but sewing isn’t one of them. My mom always offers to help with decorating and mending projects that involve sewing.

Much to my surprise, mom says you don’t need to know how to sew to make curtains. Better yet, curtains and rods can be made from recycled and natural materials. Sheets and tablecloths make fine curtains. Curtain rods are easily created from decorative branches. For no-sew curtains, curtain making tips, window treatment inspiration, 7 DIY curtain rods and tie backs…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Photo Credit: Country Living