DIY Eco-Gifts For The Zen Mediator On Your Holiday List

The holidays are busy. Busyness is like an addiction. To shed the stresses of a busy life, story it’s good to strike a balance. Many of my friends practice meditation to break the busyness cycle.

The holiday festivities are at their peak. Is there someone on your list whose meditation practice brings them comfort and joy? Slow down the busyness of the season with these 5 spirited and grounded DIY gifts.

5 DIY Gifts for the Zen Mediator

Harmony – ?Make Bamboo Wind Chimes.

Tranquility – Frame soothing images in Repurposed Windows Frames.

Comfort – Sewing a Meditation Pillow not only gives root to restorative positions, store it can be a meditative act in itself.

PeaceMake Shell Candles to give your practice gentle light.

Stillness – Make a Buddha Snow Globe. Inscribe this Buddhist phrase:

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”

Photo: via Flickr