Small Homes: How Low Can You Go?

“Wow, vialis 40mg this house is small.” That is what a cute little six-year friend of my son’s once innocently blurted out during play date. Let me set the record straight – by no measurable means is my home small. According to Mother Earth News, cheap pills the average American home is 2,343 square feet – more than double what the average was in 1950. All things considered, that girl was correct because my average house and detached studio was a lot smaller than her family’s whopper-sized McMansion.

Erecting an average home results in roughly 8,000 pounds of construction waste, and yearly 136,000,000 tons of construction and demolition waste that ends up in…you guessed it – the landfill. Bigger is not better.

I’ve been following the tiny house movement, and while these homes are energy-efficient and economical, what they lack in size, they often lack in style too. We all have our unique requirements for home sweet home. Could I be happy in a smaller home? Sure, a smallish, stylish and slowish home like one of the houses in Small ECO Houses, Living Green in Style, by Cristina Paredes Benitz and Alex Sanchez Vidiella would be dreamy.

I just reviewed this fresh new book. The houses profiled are the perfect mix of eco and style. Small ECO Homes challenges the reader to recognize how good design can transform a small space into a comfortable, modern home. And even more importantly, the inspirational planet-loving solutions create incredibly beautiful results. Read the full review HERE.

How small could you go?