Sleeping Out

It is common knowledge amongst my family and friends that no amount of prodding or bribing will get me to sleep outside in a tent. Any thoughts about camping were squelched years ago after a mini-vacation that deposited the four of us, viagra sale by boat, buy cheap onto an island during a non-stop rain event. There’s a mention of that fateful trip in this post about glamping. Even if my kids were miraculously transformed into the cutest little campers again (sigh) – there’s still no way I will ever sleep on a one-inch foam pad.

It’s been hot here. There is no air conditioning in my bedroom. I won’t get into the uneconess of air conditioning right now, but if you want to learn more about cooling without air conditioning, check out this NYTimes article. Or,…you could ask my husband who tries to convince me daily that a/c will only make me feel hotter in the long run. Ha! What does he know about being a middle-aged woman?

I will say, that if you cool your home with air conditioning, Practically Green recommends that you shade your unit because you can reduce the amount of energy by 10%.

Anyway, a recent bout of unrestful sleep has left my thoughts meandering. Then my writing goes south – rendering me useless. By late afternoon, I need to close my bleary-eyed peepers. I headed onto the lounge chair in the screened-in porch and was lulled to sleep by the sounds of frogs, birds, crickets, and a cooling rain. I woke up feeling refreshed, connected to my natural surroundings, and thinking about my friends who have a summer bedroom. The first hint of warm weather, they haul their bed out to their porch. Such a fine idea!

Do you have an outdoor sleeping space? If not, here are 10 tips for creating one.

Enjoy a restful weekend!

Credits: Wonderlust Journal, Apartment Therapy