Religion Matters

Three articles about religion touched me this week:

The first one was from The First Church of Facebook, buy cialis a New York Times series about the online faith-based phenomenon…For the last three months, viagra 100mg more people have “Liked, try ” commented and shared content on the Jesus Daily than on any other Facebook page.”  The Jesus Daily has 8,493,133 followers. Significant? I’d say so.

The second piece was published on the Moms Clean Air Force site: I’m a Conservative Christian and I Want Clean Air, by Laura Burns. To be honest, I didn’t expect this post to matter much to me. But I read the piece closely a few times. It moved me.

Laura is a self-proclaimed conservative Christian mother who ascribes to a commendable eco-friendly lifestyle. This raises eyebrows in her circle of friends – conservative and Christian. Laura surveys her mommy friends in regards to their level of environmentalism and finds these women are not engaged. “They try to teach their children not to waste, but when it comes to taking a stand for something like cleaning up the air we all breathe, they’d rather leave it to the “non-conservative leftists.”

Hmm, wonder who those might be?

Laura goes on to say she can’t imagine any mother wanting a polluted future: “But if we insist on calling ourselves conservatives who have no interest in environmentalism, our inactivism is signing away our voice. When we make the decision to throw away that vote because it’s not popular at church, or the moms group, or the grocery, we have no one to blame but ourselves for wasting this chance we have to stand up for our children’s future…regardless of our creed.” Bravo, Laura.

The last article, A Boy’s Bar Mitzvah Lessons Bridge a Cultural Chasm, is also from the New York Times. It is about an Arab-American musician/composer who helps Jewish children prepare for their bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies. He teaches them how to chant portions of the Torah.

As an Arab, he describes being profiled since 9/11 – strangers call him saying, “Death to all Arabs now.” “Do you love America?”  He laments, “It was unsettling to hear people questioning the loyalty of people like me.”

Yet, he still feels…

“We’re all in the same path. As proud as I am of my heritage, I never want us to think of ourselves as so different that we can’t all appreciate the bounty and sacredness of the earth.”


Credit: Chris Scott Snyder