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In order to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the birth of the brand in 2015, Fendi will be the company headquarters moved to Rome's imposing buildings - Italy Cultural Palace (PalazzodellaCiviltaItaliana), to the end of the current Fendi headquarters staff of more than 400 dispersed in two office buildings inconvenience. During the Fendi Outlet Italy Cultural Palace was built in the Second World War, in 1942 opening to the outside world: it is a model of the twentieth Century Rome architecture, one of the main landmarks is the eu. In June this year, Giorgio Armani has just hosted "Rome night" fashion event. Fendi can be the cheap fendi company headquarters into a national treasure of Italy building, and in recent years, Fendi has invested heavily committed to repair the fountain fountains of Rome historical heritage is. In the Fendi in the Italy Cultural Palace, the palace of a layer as the Convention and Exhibition Center, perennial display Italy traditional theme exhibition.

Peekaboo handbag was born in 2008, after just a few years time has become the symbol of the brand handbags, and changed slightly designed winter 2014 new male package. "Peekaboo handbag reflect low-key Fendi Outlet Online costly feeling, where everything can be found" Fendi accessories design director Silvia Venturini says Fendi. Fendi precious Selleria leather to create belong to men's classic blue and black, lady bag size larger, lock design hidden more low-key nature, adding a zipper fendi replica handbags design, more convenient and its use as a man briefcase, also increased the more practical long strap. Whether for business or leisure, rely on the traditional and modern design, Peekaboo men bag can taste the most critical men get satisfactory experience!

In the Fendi 2014 Winter Conference, Karl Lagerfeld launched fur stitching other strap of my head, visual inspection is a will burst fire products. Just seeing her old Buddha major suit are carrying their head to Shangjie, really will be happy? Fendi on the road do accessories more walk more far, in the last year launched Bag Bugs series accessories hot Replica Handbags this year, old Buddha had washed himself under the ruthless hands, in Fendi 2014 Winter Conference launched fur stitching other hanging his head, surprised all of us, eye test is a will explosive fire products. Just seeing her old Buddha major suit are carrying their cheap fendi handbags head to Shangjie, really will be happy? This isn't the first time Fendi out of this moth, leather started Fendi, is in the high-end leather market run amuck, series of handbags flag, either Peekaboo, Selleria or stick packs are brisk performance, so this two years, some expansion of Fendi began to put the mind to the pendant accessories, combined with his profound leather products production experience, raise the wacky toss, reach the peak of perfection in the last year launched the Bag Bugs series is the idea of.

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