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In new network on 14 February, according to the Wall Street Journal Chinese network reported, Hermes International SA with high price, and the luxury industry countercurrent moving downward trend. The company said Thursday, the fourth quarter sales growth of 4.6%, to 1090000000 euros ($1480000000), thanks to the Chinese demand. Excluding exchange rate hermes outlet factors (such as the weakening yen), Hermes fourth quarter sales growth of 11%. Hermes's new chief executive Axel Dumas said, the fourth quarter performance is better than the company's own expectations. The industry is talking about China business slowed, but our company's fourth quarter results do not reflect this problem. In yuan terms in the fourth quarter, Hermes China area sales growth of 19%, annual will achieve the same sales growth rate. Hermes opened a shop in the Chinese Ningbo, this year will be in Shanghai to open a flagship store, sales of all products of hermes.

Location of production and technology of luxury brand has been highly fashionable confidential, and Hermes in order to enable the people to have a more intuitive understanding of the quality, invite the media into the Pantin region is located in the French studio, the Hermes bag was born road. The artisans, be strict in one's demands exquisite technology and brand to use expensive material energy, do stand close scrutiny. Hermes of each bag is produced in hermes replica handbags a town called Ateliers Pantin buildings. The design of the building by the Hermes fifth generation descendant of Jesn-Louis Dumas's wife is solely responsible for the. Factory production of leather products in different layers of different. The pattern, selection, cutting, sewing and other process, each handbag from the same workers responsible for. In this workshop will begin from zero was born, take 15 to 17 hours, each bag are the craftsmen's signature, as well as individual bag number, in order to have the need to repair, can recourse for craftsmen.

The whole production process is the first step of Hermes bag is leather cutting. Responsible for cutting staff will carefully check the crocodile leather raw materials to determine which one is most suitable for the crocodile skin were used to produce processed into Hermes bags. 2014 Spring Festival evening to expect more Feng, bright and spring after the end of the cheap hermes talk too much. Actor Huang Bo ran the song won the users call "strong", "song". But for Huang Bo Spring Festival evening wear blue clothes for resigned with Hermes with clothing is very similar to attract a variety of arguments. The net friend ridicule Huang Bo "destroy brand". Recently, Huang Bo accepted the media interview, responded "Hermes" one thing: "Spring Festival evening dress is China manufacturing", before the designer had a light blue background, later with distinction, and made a deep blue. Huang Bo also re explains, she wears itself is a tool, so it is not your Hermes piercing the tooling taste, but the tool wear Hermes.

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